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     Annie is a recent addition to the Trial & Error team, and I am very pleased to have her here.  I purchased Annie from her breeder, Geri Byrne.  Annie is very well-bred out of imported parents, her sire was bred by Con McGarry and her dam was bred by Derek Schrimgeour.  Annie has two siblings that are very accomplished sheepdogs in the UK, Angie Driscoll's Meg and Derek Schrimgeour's Fleece.  Both Meg and Fleece were born here in the states and then went back to the UK.  Both Meg and Fleece have been very successful trial dogs and also have produced very successful trial dogs in the UK.  Unfortunately, Annie didn't get the opportunity to trial at a high level, because of an injury that ended her competitive career.  But, Annie has produced talented pups that have been successful both on the farm and the trial field, and I hope that she will have a litter of talented pups for me, as well. 

     In all of the years that I have had Border Collies, I have never produced a litter of puppies.  My philosophy has been that I could buy better puppies than I could produce, so my pups have always been purchased from breeders who produce first rate puppies.  But, I currently have dogs that have proven to be worthy of being bred, and I would like to produce a litter or two to keep a couple of pups for myself.  So, Annie will be bred to Rye's sire, Aled Owen's Roy, and I am quite excited about combining Aled's bloodlines with Derek's and Con's bloodlines.  The resulting pups should be very talented sheepdogs!

Pedigree for Annie

Annie's Photo Gallery

Annie at seven years old


Annie at seven months old

(photo by Geri Byrne)




Annie working sheep at Trial & Error Acres





Annie working sheep at Geri Byrne's

(photo by Geri Byrne)


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