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    Bess is a welcome addition to the Trial & Error team.  She is another pup from the second Maid x Roy litter, and I am really enjoying having her here with her littermates, Jan and Rye.  Bess was purchased as a puppy by Jeff Blackstone (CA), and was later introduced to sheep by Jennifer Clark-Ewers (CA).  I was fortunate to be able to purchase Bess in April of 2011 and to continue her education in stockwork.  Bess is a lovely young dog, and she is coming along well in her training.  Like her siblings, Rye and Jan, she has a lot of natural talent and ability.  And, like her siblings, Bess is a true team player, and it won't be long before we make our debut on the trial field.

Update:  Bess has been sold to Terri Chisman, and I wish them a successful future together!

Pedigree for Bess

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Bess's Photo Gallery

Bess working at two years old


Bess working at two and a half years old

(photo by Barb Klein)


Bess  working at two and a half years old

(photo by Barb Klein)


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