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   Drift is a wonderful pup, and he is definitely the clown of my team of working Border Collies.  He keeps things lively around here, and he has a very sweet nature.  I purchased Drift as a seven week old puppy from his breeder, Mary Felegy, and I am grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to purchase him.  Drift has a distinguished pedigree, and I consider myself quite fortunate to have him.  Drift is off to a very good start in his sheep work, and I am sure that he will become a very capable sheepdog and partner.  He began his trial career in early 2008, and he has already done quite well.  My goal is to qualify Drift for the 2009 National Nursery Finals and to continue to expand his experience both at home and on the trial field. 

   Update:  Drift did qualify for the 2009 Nursery Finals, and we competed in the Open Ranch class for a while. However, it became apparent that trialing was very stressful for Drift.  So, rather than push him to do something that he didn't enjoy, I made the difficult decision to place him in a non-working home with friends.  Drift quickly became the constant companion of my friend (who had terminal cancer), and  he provided great joy and comfort during my friend's last two years.  Good dog, Drift.

Pedigree for Drift

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Drift's Photo Gallery

Drift at Edgeworth

(photo by Dan King)


A terrific shot of Drift working

(photo by Barb Klein)


Drift at work

(photo by Jim Poor)


Another shot of Drift working

(photo by Barb Klein)


Drift at 18 months working sheep

(photo by Barb Klein)


Drift working ewes at a trial

(photo by Michelle Dobbs)


Drift at full speed during a demo

(photo by Teresa Ballard)


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