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    Kep is a marvelous young dog, and he has been a wonderful addition to the team at Trial & Error Acres.  Kep was bred by Carol Campion, and he was purchased as a puppy by Amelia Smith, who gave him a tremendous training foundation.  I purchased Kep from Amelia when he was 17 months old, and he is proving to be a terrific partner for me on the trial field.  My goal is to qualify him for the 2008 Nursery Finals, and I expect that we have a bright future ahead of us.

Update 5/11/08:  Kep has qualified for the 2008 National Nursery Finals! 

   Kep and I have been together for four years, and I am so pleased to have such a wonderful partner both at the farm and on the trial field.  I have recently moved Kep up to Open, and he is doing very well!  He ran in the Edgeworth Open Sheepdog Trial in October, 2010, and I was very proud of his efforts there.

Pedigree for Kep

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Kep's Photo Gallery

Kep hard at work

(photo by Barbara Klein)


Kep showing calm authority

(photo by Barbara Klein)


Kep on the move

(photo by John Huff)

Here, Kep!


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