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     Maid is a wonderful to the sheepdog team at Trial & Error Acres, and I am very pleased to have her here.  Maid is the mother of my Rye, Bess, and Jan, and I am fortunate to have been able to purchase her from Ginger Bruton.  Ginger imported Maid in whelp, and she has had two litters sired by Aled Owen's Roy (2007 International Supreme Champion and 2008 World Trial Champion).  Maid also has some impressive breeding behind her, so her offspring will have some BIG shoes to fill!  Maid received her  foundation training in Wales from Kevin Evans, and Maid and I are working on our partnership both at the farm and on the trial field. 

   Maid and I are currently running in Open, and I am really enjoying having her as a partner on the trial field.   She is doing very well at the trials, and she has truly become my teammate on the trial field.  The highlight so far was running in the 2010 Edgeworth Open Sheepdog Trial, and I was very proud of Maid for her good work there.

Update:  Although Maid and I had become great partners on the trial field, I decided to retire Maid from trialing and find her a wonderful retirement home.  She is now living a charmed life as a treasured companion, and I couldn't be happier for her.

Pedigree for Maid

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Maid's Photo Gallery

Maid on her first day "home"


Maid in August 2009


Maid in September 2009


Maid at the 2009 VA State Fair trial

(photo by Robert Thomas)


Maid at the 2010 Edgeworth winter trial

(photo by Dan King)


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