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     Mist was my second working sheepdog, and I purchased her as a puppy from her breeder, Cheryl Jagger Williams.  Mist had been Cheryl's "pick puppy" from that litter, the pup that I was to raise for her. However, because there was such chemistry between the pup and me, Cheryl agreed to sell Mist to me.  I am very appreciative to Cheryl for allowing me to purchase Mist, as she was a truly wonderful dog for me both on and off of the trial field.  Years ago, Mist and I competed in a sheepdog trial in Pennsylvania, and the judge was a shepherd from Wales.  Mist's sire and dam were both Welsh imports, so I asked him if if he would look at her pedigree and tell me a bit about the dogs in her ancestry.  He agreed, and as he looked over her pedigree, mentioning that Mist's sire was bred a few kilometers down the road from his farm, and he knew him well.  Then, he became quite animated when he saw the name of Mist's granddam.  He showed the paper to his wife, and she joined him in his excitement.  The Welshman then turned to me and said while pointing to the name, "Now, that....that was the finest bitch to ever trod Welsh soil!"  I like to think that Mist took after her granddam.

Mist's Pedigree

Mist's Photo Gallery

Mist at 10 weeks with a favorite toy


Mist at 10 weeks showing early herding style


Mist at 4 months taking a dip


Mist at 5 months


Mist at 11 years old


Nancy and Mist (Lark in the background)


Mist watching from the truck window


Mist at 12 years old


Mist at 13 years old


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