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Nan is the newest member of the Trial & Error Acres team, but she was already a part of the family even before she arrived.  Nan was born in August of 2013, and her mother is Ginger Bruton's Jan.  Jan and Rye are littermates, making Nan Rye's niece.  I was fortunate to be able to purchase Nan from Ginger, and she certainly is a delightful puppy. 

Nan is a very bright little girl, and she has settled in easily here.  Like our other puppies before her, for the time being Nan will simply be enjoying her puppyhood and learning the things that all good dogs need to know.   Welcome to the family, Nan!

Nan's Pedigree

Candids of Nan

Nan's Photo Gallery

Nancy and Nan at seven weeks old


Nan on the day she came home


Nan keeping warm at a sheepdog clinic


Nan at five months old

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