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        Rye is the youngest member of the sheepdog team at Trial & Error Acres, and I am extremely pleased to have him.  Rye was born in June of 2009, and he is the son of Maid.  For now, Rye will simply be enjoying his puppy hood and learning the things that all good dogs need to know.  Starting at the age of four months, Rye has been exposed to sheep every few weeks.  He is showing some nice qualities for a youngster, and I have high hopes for him to become a really special sheepdog.  Welcome to the family, Rye!

Rye has grown into a handsome youngster, and his talent for working sheep has become quite apparent.  Rye is taking training in stride, and he shows many qualities that will serve him well in his career as a sheepdog.  I am looking forward to continuing his education for stockwork, and he is always a very willing partner.  I nave now started competing with Rye in sheepdog trials, and he is doing quite well!  He has shown many fine qualities that will help him become a very capable partner on the trial field.

Rye began his trial career in October of 2011, and he has done very well in the few trials that he has entered!  Unfortunately, his career has been interrupted twice by injury.  In November of 2012, an on the job injury caused Rye to tear the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in is right stifle.  This necessitated a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) and a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation.  Rye was back to work by September of 2013 and doing well at trials and at the farm.   Then, in December of 2013, another on the job injury caused Rye to tear the CCL in his left stifle, again necessitating a TPLO and lengthy recovery and rehab.  Now, in June of 2014, he is finally returning to work and looks as good as he ever did.  He will begin trialing again soon, and hopefully there won't be any future injuries to interrupt his career. 


Pedigree for Rye

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Rye's Photo Gallery

Rye working sheep with style and presence


Rye working at a sheepdog training clinic

(photo by Sandy Meilan)

Rye working in a sheepdog trial

(photo by Lynn Roberts)


Rye working at home


Rye gathering sheep at ten months old

(photo by Sylvia King)


Rye's first sheepdog trial


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