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    Scout is a seasoned, fully trained trial dog, and I purchased him to assist me to become a better sheepdog handler.  Scout was trained as a young dog by a well-known trainer/handler here in the US, and he usually caught people's attention when they competed at the trials.  Scout is an intense and stylish worker, and I can certainly see why he was often noticed.  Scout and I worked fairly well as a team, and together we won several sheepdog trials.  Scout helped me improve my handling and training abilities, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from him.

    Update:  Scout is now retired from trialing and has a new home with fellow Bluefaced Leicester breeder, Kelly Mansfield!  Scout will assist Kelly with flock management, in addition to being a treasured companion.  Best wishes to both Kelly and Scout!

Pedigree for Scout

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Scout's Photo Gallery

Head study of Scout

Scout competing at a local sheepdog trial

(photo by Mark Billadeau)

Scout at full speed during a sheepdog demo


Scout showing intensity while working


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