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    Soot is a delightful young Border Collie, and she is a welcome addition to the Trial & Error Acres team.  Soot was bred by Karen Thompson out of her bitch Hattie, and she is sired by Christine Henry's good dog Rook.  Christine raised Soot, and I was very fortunate to be able to purchase her as a nine month old youngster.  Soot had been started on sheep by Christine, and I will continue her education to help her become a first rate working sheepdog.  Soot is currently competing in the Nursery class at local sheepdog trials, and my goal is to qualify her for the 2010 National Nursery Finals in Virginia.

   Soot did qualify for the 2010 National Nursery Finals, and we ran in the Nursery Finals at Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, VA.  Soot did a very nice job during her run, and we received many compliments about our teamwork and partnership.  I am very proud of Soot, my very first National Finals partner!

   Soot has done quite well in her trial career, and she is currently running in the Open class.  Keep up the good work, Sootie!

Pedigree for Soot

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Soot's Photo Gallery

Soot working at the 2010 National Nursery Finals

(photo by Christine Koval)


Soot penning at the 2010 National Nursery Finals

(photo by Christine Koval)


Soot working at a clinic

(photo by Michelle Dobbs)


Another great shot of Soot working

(photo by Dan King)


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