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    Wren is the oldest member of the team, and she is now retired from sheep work.  I purchased Wren as an eight week old puppy, and she (like many of her siblings) showed talent as a sheepdog very early.  She progressed quickly in her training, and I had planned to qualify her for the Nursery Finals in 1998.  However, I had to curtail my involvement with sheepdog trialing before we could accomplish this goal.  Wren then became my primary farm dog, and she handled all sheep chores with ease.  When Wren was six years old, I began to notice that she was having difficulty hearing my commands.  Her useful hearing rapidly diminished after that, and she has been completely deaf for the past six years.  Wren functions very well despite her deafness, and she is quite content to be retired from sheep work.

Update:  Wren was peacefully euthanized on September 27, 2010 after a brief, but debilitating illness.  Wren had been enjoying wonderful health in her retirement years, so her sudden loss was completely unexpected. Rest well, old girl.  We miss you greatly.

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Wren showing intensity while working


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